Overseas mail order

Welcome to Otaria's Bloc(k)

This one is e+Scale of the sales agency of Otaria's Bloc(k).

I sell a CD to an overseas visitor in e+Scale.

Please contact me by an E-mail first.


The title of the E-mail is a "Permafrost mail order"

Specify this then.

 Your address
 Your full name
 The amount number of sheets

The price is the US20$

+ Packing costs and the postage to the destination are added to it.

I do the conversion.

I inform it of an amount of money and a destination.

Please send an appointed amount of money by an International postal money order.

I take only an International postal money order. I do not accept it other than it at all.

If it is confirmed, I send a CD.

( I do not accept the return of goods)

e+Scale is

Name : HIroshi Endo

Office address : 1-9 Shinmei-cho / Morioka / Iwate / Japan / 020-0884

Telephone :+81-19-654-8650 (Telephone only. However, I cannot speak English)

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